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Curry Reserve Water Play Space
Camden, Australia

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Camden, Australia
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"It was fantastic to see so many smiling faces enjoying the opening and celebrating the start of summer at our first ever water play park.”
PETER SIDGREAVES | Mayor, Camden City Council, NSW Australia

Curry Reserve Water Play Space
Located in Camden, New South Wales, Australia, Curry Reserve is one of the most popular reserves for family and community group gatherings featuring covered picnic shelters, barbecue facilities, amenities with disabled access, parking, children's play equipment and a cycle path.
Design Challenge
When funding became available to build a high-quality recreational facility at Curry Reserve, city councellors initiated plans to add a large water play space for their rapidly growing community. Requirements included that it would need to support a healthy lifestyle, be fully accessible for all and provide a safe and fun place for family and friends to interact and socialize.

For this project, in collaboration with our team at ParkEquip, a naturally inclusive spray park was designed featuring thirty-six play elements from the Shoreline and Grasslands collections.
With one turn of the Whirler Activator, sea, shore and nature seamlessly merge to create a spectacular water show! Curious Seagulls perch on misting Grasses, dancing Kites and Wind Socks soar high above, a scattering of Marram Grasses wave gently in the wind and an elegant Water Flower showers down delightful splashes. Interactive Splash Blaster water cannons offer high-action excitement and a crowd favourite and the biggest attraction of the play space is the colourful Beach Ball Soaker which, when full to its brim, dumps to unleash 30 gallons (113 litres) of water on those brave enough to gather below!
For those looking to explore and test their scientific skills, a meandering Discovery Stream, to hang out at under the shade sails, invites hands-on discovery and learning via interactive weirs of Fish, Duck Wheels and more.
To create a fully immersive play theme, a custom visually stunning sand and surf-inspired design, complete with seashells and starfish, was painted onto the play pad’s concrete surface.

On opening day, the excitement was contagious — children beamed from ear to ear, parents happily socialized — everyone thoroughly enjoyed the new splash park with many planning a return visit! The new Curry Reserve water play space had succeeded in serving the diverse needs of its community by providing an accessible and vibrant place for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.

Play Features in this project include:
• Shoreline Collection
• Whirler
• Beach Ball Soaker
• Discovery Stream
• Seagull
• Water Flower
• Marram Grass
• Windsock
• Kite
• Sneaky Spin Soaker 3
• Splash Blaster
• Archie
• Fun-Brella
• Mist Stick
• Spinny Squirt

Project Resource Files

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