Parc Père Marquette
Borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montreal Canada

Project Details

Borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montreal Canada
Project Year

Père Marquette Park
One of the top parks in the city of Montreal offering discovery, outdoors and relaxation, Parc Père Marquette has its own unique personality and charm that varies with the season. Equipped with all of the usual amenities found in an urban park setting, neighbourhood residents enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities as well as a new, state-of-the-art skate park.

Design Challenge
Looking to transform their high-maintenance and outdated toddler wading pool into a modern spray park, the borough of Rosemont-La Petite Patrie set about plans to construct a new and improved aquatic play space. Part of the design challenge included that the play space would need to be aesthetically pleasing, better serve the needs of the community and most importantly, reduce overall operational costs.

In collaboration with our expert aquatic play team at Tessier Récréo-Parc inc a unique nature-inspired splash pad was created using products from the Grasslands Collection.
Giant Morning Grasses sprout from the play pad surface amplifying the soothing effects of the surrounding green space while a collection of curious Critter water cannons come alive sparking a game of imaginative one-on-one water combat. A labyrinth of colourful spraying wildflowers flourish throughout the play space which include the Corn Poppy, Blue Bottle, Aneth Bloom 3 and the newly sprouted spraying duo, the Bottle Bud and Poppy Bud.
The heart of high-action entertainment, an elegant Ladybug Soaker unleashes an extraordinary big splash delighting thrill-seekers and a toddler-friendly area of Sand Stones and Surf Stones, Gecko ground sprays and an airbrushed ladybug U.S.O. immerse little waterplayers in the pleasures of discovery play.
To complete the play space and adding a lovely finishing touch, a custom, visually stunning wave-like inspired design was painted onto the play pad surface.

Accessible for longer periods of time, reducing water, maintenance and operational expenses, the new splash pad at Parc Père Marquette has proven to be a well-loved asset to the community of Rosemont-La Petite Patrie. The result is an outdoor oasis of splashes that perfectly complements its surrounding green space, composed of imaginative play features that will be cherished by children of all ages for many years to come.

Play Features in this project include:
• Ladybug Soaker
• Morning Grass 1
• Morning Grass 2
• Morning Grass 3
• Blue Bottle
• Bottle Bud
• Aneth Bloom 3
• Corn Poppy
• Poppy Bud
• Flutter
• Dew Drop
• Aneth Bloom 3
• Surf Stone #1
• Surf Stone #2
• Sand Stone #2
• Sand Stone #3
• Twist n Spill 1
• Spin Spray 1
• Spin Spray 2
• Water O
• Splash Blaster
• Team Blaster
• U.S.O. (Lady Bug Graphic)
• Puddle 1
• Puddle 2
• Critter 1
• Critter 2
• Crawling Ground Spray (Gecko)
• Ground Spray (Geyser)
• Ground Spray (Lily Pad)
• Ground Spray (Spray Tunnel 4)
• Ground Spray (Split Spurt)
• Ground Spray (Steady Stream)
• Ground Spray (Doughnut Spray)
• Sprout Activator

Products and Design Files

Project Resource Files

Waterplay Product Catalogue
Activity Towers Product Catalogue
Waterways Product Catalogue