Sea Club Mediterranean Resort
Alcudia, Spain (Europe)

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Alcudia, Spain (Europe)
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“We had a very enjoyable time. Well located, loved all of the different types of pools particularly the splash park for our 20-month old who was in his element!”

Sea Club Mediterranean Resort
Located in exclusive Puerto Alcudia, the Sea Club Mediterranean Resort is a holiday-goers dream luxury getaway destination! Featuring airy villas with Mediterranean-style arches complemented by extensive tropical gardens, guests enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine, nightly local entertainment and an assortment of family-friendly activities.

Looking to increase their bookings and attract new guests in an increasingly crowded marketplace, the Sea Club Alcudia set their sights on a low maintenance solution that would not only place them ahead of the competition but also, provide exceptional entertainment value while catering to a multi-generational demographic.

A perfect complement to the resort’s surrounding tropical seascape, a safe, zero-depth play space in gentle greens, vibrant blues and muted creams featuring unique toddler, child and youth play zones, was designed in partnership, with our expert team at Savia Proyectos.
A high-seas adventure rises from the deep, offering children of all ages, abilities and play styles a chance to broaden their imaginations. Breaching the surface, a majestic Whale Tail casts sprays of water from its AquaLume™ fin, while a friendly Octopus shoots water from its eyes and four rotating tentacles encouraging collaborative social play. Gentle Lily Pad ground sprays illustrating orcas, dolphins, and tropical fish invite creativity and hands-on discovery.
Perfectly embodying the serenity and playfulness of the beach, a spraying Surf Cannon, shaped to look like a bodyboard, rotates 360° and Moonsnail and Turtle ground sprays come to life with flush-mounted sprays to create a lively seaside adventure.
Elevating the fun to new heights and the hub of excitement, a nautical-themed Activity Tower featuring the impressive Tower Soaker dumping bucket provides a captivating visitor experience that guests will come back for time after time!

Quickly becoming a “hot spot” of activity at the resort, the splash pad has fulfilled its original goal tenfold. Whether on the play pad or relaxing on the sidelines in a lounger, children and parents alike can enjoy the warm, Mediterranean climate while building memories that will last a lifetime!

Play Features in this project include:
• Nautical Collection
• Activity Tower
• Sky Soaker
• Calypso
• Sail Away Spin 1
• Whale Tail
• Octopus
• Ground Spray (Tulip)
• Ground Spray (Spray Tunnel 8)
• Ground Spray (Starlet Spray)
• Surf Cannon
• Funbrella
• Ground Spray (Moonsail Spray)
• Ground Spray (Turtle Spray)
• Ground Spray (Lily Pad)
• Activator Power Post

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SeaClub Mediterranean Resort
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