Wallaroo Park
Houston, Texas, USA

Project Details

Houston, Texas, USA

The first inclusive play arch in the United States

Opened spring 2018 in Woodforest, Wallaroo Park features a Yalp Sona Interactive dance and play arch, which employs smart technology for interactive games. A master-planned community in Houston is now home to a unique play structure designed for children of all ages and abilities.

Located in South Montgomery County, the Woodforest development is the first in the U.S. to incorporate a Sona. Wallaroo Park, which started construction in January 2018, features a dynamic structure that uses smart camera technology to measure the movement of those playing games using sound and movement. The facility merges interactive technology and outdoor play in a fully-accessible park space.
“This is very cutting edge! Children can play numerous games, and smart technology can determine who wins. It’s all designed to keep kids moving and having fun.”

- Virgil Yoakum, general manager of Woodforest

The colorful 12.5-foot-tall and 16.4-foot-wide arch is anchored by a play floor that features colors and numbers used in its interactive technology, all of which have increasingly difficult levels of play. Due to its size, the Sona can also accommodate children in wheelchairs and is developed to be accessible for children with mental and physical disabilities. Developed by Yalp, the Sona has been installed worldwide, including public park spaces, shopping malls, and health centers.

“The Sona Arch in Woodforest has turned out to be one of our most popular parks. We have a large group of home schooled children and I have heard this is one of their weekly lessons for young grade school children. It is a popular evening spot after school and filled on the weekends with all age children. The community loves it and they think it is really neat to have something so high tech for the kids to play on.”

– Faith Pitman – Director of Marketing of Woodforest