Flash Foods
Macon, Georgia, USA

Project Details

Macon, Georgia, USA
Project Year

In late 2014, Flash Foods made a decision to convert from single-wall steel tanks to Xerxes fiberglass storage tanks as they felt it was a much better long-term solution to their tank requirements.

Recently, Flash Foods completed a store remodel that included the ability to increase fuel capacity and the number of fuel products offered at the pumps. With the removal of the old single-wall steel tanks, and the installation of a 10’ diameter -15,000 gallon double-wall tank, an 8’ diameter – 8,0000 x 4,000 multicompartment double-wall tank and a 8’ diameter-8,000 gallon double-wall tank, this location in Macon went from three grades of fuel to five. They now offer regular unleaded, premium unleaded, mid-grade unleaded, non-ethanol premium and diesel.

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