Winery Wastewater Treatment
Northern California, USA

Project Details

Northern California, USA

The American wine industry has its roots in northern California. This region has strong environmental regulations concerning discharge of wastewater from the cleaning of winemaking tanks, barrels and facilities. Xerxes has for many years been asked to provide tanks for domestic wastewater, potable water and fire protection for wineries.

Xerxes is now working with engineers all over northern California to help them solve the issue of treating winery wastewater. The facility effluent can contain high levels of acids or caustics that require treatment before drain field disposal. The engineers for Honig Winery designed a system with 5 – 8-foot 6,000 gallon diameter tanks. Xerxes worked with the contractor and offered a more economical design with two – 8-foot diameter 12,000 gallon and one – 8-foot diameter 6,000 gallon Xerxes FRP tanks which were designed to meet the intent of this application. The tanks will protect the environment from leaks due to the corrosion resistant properties of the FRP design.

Xerxes tank design will assure treatment companies they are not treating stormwater or groundwater with their watertight design. The tanks also handle H-20 traffic loads, allowing installation to be in the winery parking lot when required.

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