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Odom Beverage Distribution Facility
Spokane, WA, USA

Project Details

Divcon Inc.
Spokane, WA, USA
4,500 yards

To meet increasing demand for distribution in Washington State, Odom Corp., a premier beverage wholesale distributor with operations throughout Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington needed to expand its operations in Spokane, Washington. The design called for a 200,000 ft2 floor space facility that included over 16,000 ft2 of refrigerated space and would serve as a regional hub for beverage distribution across Central and Eastern Washington. Odom distributes beverages such as imported and local beer as well as cider to grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores.
The design team led by the Boston firm, Design Group, knew that this facility’s concrete floors would be subject to an extreme amount of abrasion from forklifts, pallet jacks and sliding skids. To increase the wear life of the concrete and ensure the floor was safe and operationally efficient for workers and equipment, Design Group wanted a reliable concrete hardening solution for use in the concrete.

Hard-Cem Integral Concrete Hardener was recommended to Design Group by Central Pre-Mix Concrete, an Oldcastle Company. After a thorough due diligence review, Hard-Cem was specified for the new Spokane facility.
Hard-Cem improves abrasive wear life of concrete up to 6 times and provides significant erosion and abrasion protection for long term durability. It is the best-in-class hardener for high volume, high traffic distribution facilities. Hard-Cem’s full depth concrete hardening extends the service life of concrete in high traffic areas subjected to abrasion, maintains riding surface and reduces repair and facility down time.
The effective hardening solution adopted in the Spokane project was used again in Odom's
next expansion in Hayden, ID in 2015. Hard-Cem was used in this 92,000 ft2 Odom distribution warehouse in Idaho. In yet another Odom facility expansion, Hard-Cem is currently being used in Odom's new 200, 000 ft2 warehouse in Alaska. This is being constructed by Watterson Construction with concrete supplied by Aggpro, a Colaska Company.