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Contemporary Master Bath
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Project Details

Hammerschmidt Construction
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Project Year

Hammerschmidt Construction was brought in to re-renovate a bathroom renovation gone wrong. The original tub was not installed correctly resulting in constant leaks and water damage. In order to provide optimal drainage [and very importantly, no more leaks] the bathroom re-design included a barrier-free, zero-threshold shower and tub area featuring two LUXE Linear Drains 48-inch square patterns drains along the back wall. Placing the linear drains along the back wall meant the shower floor was slightly sloped to towards the two drains, ensuring all water flowed towards the back wall and not out into the rest of the bathroom. Hammerschmidt Construction’s stunning design earned them first place in LUXE’s 2015 Photo Contest.

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