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Burger King of Carrollton
Carrollton, Texas

Project Details

Carrollton, Texas

Burger King is a popular fast food chain that was founded in 1954 and is also known as the Home of the Whopper. In 2022, Burger King in Carrollton realized that their location was slightly outdated and needed to update its image. To do this, they chose to revamp their location with a new playground, and Superior Playgrounds stepped up to the plate to deliver the perfect playground for this restaurant chain.

This playground is like a tiny island of fun with so much packed into one play structure. It features multiple slides, panels, ladders, and climbers to provide the ultimate playground experience for fast-food-goers. The playground also includes both plastic and fabric shading to cover several areas and provide a shaded place for parents to sit and watch their children enjoy endless amounts of fun and adventure.