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Transforming an Epoxy Garage Floor

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An Epoxy Garage Floor Can Wear Down

There’s countless comparisons out there between epoxying a garage floor versus using an interlocking tile, but what does it tell you when we have many customers who actually install our tiles over an epoxy floor? Over time, an epoxy garage floor (or even sooner with a one part garage paint) can chip or flake from wear, and even crack from the shifting of the concrete foundation.

We’ve also seen a lot of stained epoxy floors. Have you ever seen epoxied floors where the tire marks from day in and day out parking have left permanent marks? Also, these parts of the garage floor will inherently wear down more than the other parts of the garage floor that may be used less.

With an epoxy floor, it’s all or nothing. Patching a spot that has a chip, been worn down or incurred a stain will not yield a match to the existing floor. So think about it, you can go through the rigors of intense floor prep that includes acid washing prior to rolling the epoxy on, or you can install a standard two or three car garage in hours.

Eliminate the Common Issues with Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Garage Floor - Swisstrax FlooringIn our latest customer garage floor, you’ll see that there are some prominent wear spots on the epoxy. It would have been difficult to “repair” or “patch” that spot with epoxy. If you’ve invested in an epoxy floor or moved into a residence that already had it, chances are that you’ll come to a decision one day on what to do – to repair or cover it.

With our garage flooring tiles, there’s little prep needed. You can either sweep the floor or use a shop vac to pick up any debris. After that, it’s determining your start point and away you go. In just a few hours (for a standard 2-car garage) you’ll have a brand new floor that won’t stain, is resistant to most chemicals and where individual tiles or sections can easily be replaced.

Checkerboard Ribtrax Garage Flooring - Swisstrax Flooring

The finished floor features a Ribtrax tile in a classic checkerboard pattern. This pattern also matches our customer’s Camaro and really can adapt to any kind of decor.

You’ll also notice that our 3/4? tile height makes the old epoxy floor a thing of the past. You don’t have to worry about seeing the old floor, just concentrate on how great your new garage looks! Now, on with the next project that isn’t flooring related because we’ve got you covered for years and years.

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